Artistic Creations By Natasha Burns
#HP053 HP053 Hand Painted and hand made storage box with pink roses - chippy original architectural salvage
This box is totally and completely hand made and hand painted, a truly unique original!
My talented father has spent hours hand cutting and piecing together this fabulous storage box, which has been made from�original architectural salvage from a Melbourne home that was 100 years old.�
I've scrubbed and sanded to remove any rough edges and hints of previous colours are coming through the lovely green wood.
The top corners of the box have a lovely curved design, you will not see another box like this anywhere!
I have hand painted small sprays of roses in every corner on each side of the box, just a little bit of decoration for a box that is gorgeous in its own right.
Large size is fantastic to store so many items.� I can place magazines side by side neatly, and many can fit in each row.�
Gorgeous for soaps or anything in the bathroom.
Lovely to store rolled up fresh white towels.
Fantastic for kitchen storage, utensils, napkins, tea-towels.... Even assorted china!
Perfect for crafty people to use to hold sewing bits and bobs, craft supplies, quilting supplies.... writing supplies, paint tubes, millinery flowers... anything!
Use to hold DVDs, CDs, novels, remote controls...
Measures approx 43cm wide�x 22cm deep�x 17cm high (17" x almost 9" x 6.5")
Quite heavy hence the higher postage cost.
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